Sunday, October 24, 2010

Creative slump?

Well, yes and no. Admittedly, school does make it pretty hard to get anything accomplished and a girl has to have her priorities. I feel like none of my designs for Blogging for Beads are working out correctly this time around, but that's okay. :3 I have a couple of pearl necklaces I'm working on instead. Why force creativity, right? It'll come to me in time.

Instead I've been focusing on organizing my office/guest bedroom into something orderly and kind of homely. It's kind of working.

My darling fiancee and I are living in her mother's old house at the moment because 1. it's nice to not be homeless and 2. her mom can't just leave it empty and abandoned, and it's enough of a dump that nobody will buy it. Not in this market. So we've been trying to fix the place up a bit. When we moved in (nearly four years ago) there were bible pages stuck to the floor and mold everywhere. Those are gone, but the floors still have some damage we can't fix.

The office was one of the worst places. It goes through cycles as a storage space, but it's mostly cleaned up for company next week. Necessity begets creativity, I think.

I'm probably rambling a bit because I just woke up, I think, but what I wanted to say was that display pieces for art booths make the best decorations and furniture. :D If only we could afford paint for the walls, my office would be kickin'.