Monday, June 6, 2011

Colossal Con OMG

I went to Colossal Con last weekend to sell my stuff in the Artist Alley they have there. For you non-Otaku, that's an area where artists sell their work without having to have a vendor's license. Most of the weekend was pretty okay, but I have a couple of small, short stories to share with you.

We had several really great customers (like the guy who offered to strip for a cookie), but these two almost were than some I've seen during my 11 years of working in customer service. For those of you familiar with the series My Little Pony, you know that each pony has a cutie mark on their ass. I received several polite requests to carry these in the future, but one older man-child took the cake. Our booth carries customized MLP dolls, and he first demanded (not asked - outright demanded) to know why we didn't carry any of those. Obviously, we're not a vendor, anything we sell like that has to be altered. Then he demanded to know why we had no cutie mark charms or keychains. Then he yelled at us about it for about five minutes. I snapped. Fuck this shit, amirite? We told him we'd think about it and to kindly fuck off because we had better things to do than argue with him about it and he was upsetting our paying customers. I'm not going to tolerate being screamed at by a 30+ year old man. Old guy should know better. I had 5 year olds better behaved than him!

I threw a Jolly Rancher at him, but it didn't hit. :(


The second one was on the last day of the con, and my wife had left me alone for a bit. We sell earrings for $5 each and we stick those in a Chocolate Frog box so people will dig through them. This child, age 11 so she said (so old enough to know how to behave on her own) came up to my booth. No parent was in sight. She was a little annoying, but I shrugged it off and smiled and talked to her kindly. She looked through everything, generally making a mess of things. When she got to the $5 box she decided to try on a pair of earrings; however, there was a problem.

See, her ears had closed. This was the exchange that followed:
Disgusting Small Girl-Child (DSGC): Oh, dangit, my ears closed.
Me: That's too bad. Maybe you should look at our charms and bracelets instead.
DSGC: No, that's okay. *digs through the box, pulls out another pair of earrings* I can just re-open them if I pierce them again.
Me: Okay, well, come back after you do that then.
DSGC: No, I can do it now if I just use these.
DSGC: No, it's okay, I won't bleed on them. I can do it without blood, but my friend can't... *insert long disgusting story about pre-teens poking holes in each other's earlobes that I honestly didn't need to hear, omfg*
Me: No, please don't, that's not what those are for. *honestly tried to snatch them away*
DSGC: *backs up and gets it in* Okay, see, no problem! *tries on the other pair, doesn't buy anything, doesn't put the earrings back, doesn't clean up her mess. D8*

I confiscated the earrings and put them somewhere else. I was honest-to-freaking-whatever too shocked to do a damn thing. I just kind of sat there in horror while she did that. There is a bit of blood on one of the pairs. I have to sterilize it. I just. I don't even. WHERE WERE HER PARENTS?!?!?!?!?

I'll post pics from the con later. I'm still pretty bushed and I have two finals this week to study for still.