Friday, March 12, 2010

Been awhile, huh?

With finals just around the corner and all of these last minute projects, papers, and speeches due, I'll admit that I just haven't really had the time to photograph any of the jewelry I've got made, much less make a ton of new stuff.

No, my friends, that will happen during Spring Break. I have all the Artbeads stuff done and ready to post, I just fail at having free time.

But you can expect to see a preview of the stuff for the summer conventions at which I'll be selling.

I am proud to announce that Eclipsical Jewelry, in conjunction with Espirit Studios, will be going to Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland and Matsuri Con in Worthington, Ohio! Otakon is the last weekend of July, Matsuri Con is August 13-15. There are a couple summer festivals I'd like to sell at, but I think I may have my hands full just prepping for these two big events.

So if you don't here from me for awhile, it's alright. I'm just up to my ears in work.

One last thing, and that is that I am currently having a 30% off sale until March 20th. Order and get 30% off your total!


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