Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best of the Year

Since I have some time now while I wait for Team Fortress 2 to finish installing on my computer, I thought I would go back and post some of my favorite pieces from this year. I've been into beading/jewelry making for about three years, but it's just during the last few months (since August) that I've really started to devote myself to it and earn a decent amount of money. My wonderful friends have been very supportive and I'm glad they have my back and are willing to boost my ego from time to time. I see many other artists who are way better than I am; sometimes it's an inspiration, sometimes it's disheartening. But my friends have been there for me to tell me when I suck and when I don't suck, to become addicted to my jewelry, and general just to be amazing. One friend went so far as to pierce his ears just to wear a pair of me earrings; that was quite the ego boost!

So here are some of my favorite pieces from the last year. Many of these are still for sale in my shop, Eclipsical Jewelry.

Luckily for my absolutely terrible wire-wrapping skills, these beads came the way they are. This was a pretty easy piece to make, but it's one of my favorites to look at. The beads are connected via small silver jump rings.

My loop-making skills got a lot of practice during the three or so hours I spent on this bracelet. The beads are just glass pearls I got from Walmart a few months ago after hunting for them for almost a year before and not being able to find any simple black beads I really liked. The charm is gold-plated pewter, and I bought from a site I can't seem to find again. My hands were aching and locked up after working on this piece, but it's really one of my favorites.

This is a more recent piece. I have fallen in love with gunmetal lately, and when my friends in Scotland sent over that beautiful bead mix featured in the picture, I just new the two would go well together. It was fun to make, and I really love the box clasp and the chain.

These stars are hands-down my favorite beads ever. Unfortunately for me, they are near impossible to find in Ohio, so my friend in Canada has to send them to me, or I have to order them via Ebay. If I could have anything in the new year, it would be a steady supply of these in colors other than white/gray, white/red, and white/purple. I love how colorful this bracelet is! The colors are eye-catching and it gets a lot of compliments when I wear it. I intended it to be a gay pride bracelet, but anybody could wear it. It's a very comfortable bracelet, and I love anything to do with stars, so of course this is one of my favorites!

While bracelets are my favorite thing to make, I do love a good pair of earrings! These recently sold, but that won't diminish my love for them. I used simple loops connect the beads together and dangled a pewter snowflake charm off the end. There was not a lot too them, I'll admit, but I think this is the single prettiest item I have ever put up for sale.

You can see many more items at my shop, and take advantage of the 30% off sale going on now! Many people are saving at least $5 off their orders and if you're in the US, shipping is free! Check it out now!


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